Raw indo bundle and bundle deal

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Our Raw Indo bundle and bundle deal will bring a new level of luxury to your beauty routine. Crafted with the finest Indonesian hair, this bundle offers an exquisite quality that is perfect for creating an effortless and timeless look.

Experience the tantalizing touch of 100% raw, unprocessed Indonesian hair with our Raw Indo Bundle, luxurious and most affordable raw hair with all natural qualities intact. Due to its RAW nature, the color and texture will vary from bundle to bundle.
The natural brown/black color and intact cuticles make it a breeze to style, color, cut, flat iron, and curl.

Each bundle is approximately 3.5 to 4 oz
You'll need :
- 2 or more bundles for 12-18 inches
- 3-4 bundles for 20-24 inches
- 4-6 bundles or more for 26 inches and longer.

No lace is included in this bundle deal.
Textures available straight and wavy.


Use code : DEAL for 3 bundles and more to get $$ off

Don't forget to pick between straight and wavy.


Restock available on hand April 20th 2023