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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the exquisite world of high-end, 100% human hair wigs! We can sense you're on the brink of a transformative, stylish journey, and we're thrilled to guide you. Forget synthetic; we're all about authenticity and opulence here. Let's address your questions with the grace of a perfectly styled updo, shall we?

Darling, we only deal in 100% human hair. Think of it as the haute couture of the wig world. Elegance, versatility, and longevity—that's what you can expect.

Ah, our crown jewels! We present you four majestic collections: Starter, Elite, Supreme, and Raw. The **Starter** features virgin hair, making it ideal for those making their first foray into the world of wigs. The **Elite** is from China and comes in Virgin or Raw; it's your canvas for long-lasting color and style. **Supreme** offers the finest Virgin hair, adorned with incredibly thin HD lace for that barely-there feel. And finally, **Raw** is our Vietnamese masterpiece, prized for its rugged longevity and robust strands. For a more detailed guide click here :

A perfect fit is like a perfect martini—essential. With a flexible tape measure, encircle your head from the forehead, behind the ears, and back. Note down the circumference; it's your key to a flawlessly fitting crown.
For a more detailed guide click here :

Given that our wigs are pure, unadulterated human hair, treat them like your own locks. A delicate wash every 2-3 weeks should suffice, but let your lifestyle guide you. Once the hair feels greasy, give it some love darling.

But of course! Our collections, are practically begging to be curled, straightened, and adorned in every way imaginable.

With proper care, you're looking at a partnership for years. Our **Supreme** and **Raw** collections are particularly known for their longevity. Consider them an investment in endless good hair days.
For a more detailed guide click here :
Absolutely. A wig cap will neatly secure your natural hair, allowing your new luxurious mane to take center stage.
All our wigs are designed to be 100% glueless. We understand the lifestyle and aim to make low-maintenance units for high-maintenance ladies. 
With a closure wig you can go 100% clueless, with a frontal you might need to tame the sides for some undo styles.
 And of course clips, adhesives, or adjustable straps—we provide a cornucopia of options to ensure your wig stays as attached to you as you will inevitably become to it.
As tempting as it may be to wake up flawless, we recommend giving your wig—and yourself—a nightly break to preserve its splendor.
“Ah, rest is essential for beauty. - A wig stand will maintain its shape and grace. - Lying flat in a cool, dry setting will do. Keep your wig in its designated dust bag.”
Certainly! Especially our **Raw** collection, which takes exceptionally well to coloring. However, we recommend professional hands for this delicate artistry.
There you have it, darling! Your gateway to a world of untapped glamour and sophistication. Have more questions?
Don't hesitate; your ideal wig awaits! If we aren’t available, drop us an email and we will get back to you within 20-36 hours!