Magic bag - Combos that we love

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Know someone who starting their hair care/wig care journey and struggling to find the right products?
Maybe this "someone" is you! This self-care mystery box is the perfect gift to treat yourself with or to gift to others.
All items are brand new, unopened, and packed at the studio.

Each box will contain 4-7 items varying from edge bands to hot tools. Our goal is to make sure that each item in the box helps you toward your hair goal!

Examples of what you can possibly receive in a box are shown in the first image. Your box may not contain exactly these items. The other images are examples of color-coordinated boxes. Items that can also be in your gift box but are not shown in the images include candles, loofahs, chocolates, face massage rollers, bath bombs, necklaces and so much more!


Some pictures will show the different variations of a product, but the quantity for each item is 1.